I love the Fall season.  April and I just returned from visiting friends and family in the Boston area.  While we were there we did a portrait of Katherine and Eric Holmstrom out in some of the beautiful Fall color of New England.  Some of you may remember that Katherine lived with us for awhile back in 1999-2000.  She now is all grown up with a wonderful family, and living in Groveland, Massachusetts.

Everyone in the Holmstrom Family is a trooper! You would never know from looking at this portrait, but it wins the prize for the coldest portrait I’ve ever done!  It was 42 degrees and SOOO windy that day…with the wind chill, it was really about 32 degrees.  I am such a wimp compared to these folks.

If you’ve been thinking about updating your family portrait, I know some lovely WARM places we can go to create a beautiful wall portrait for your home.

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