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Families Grow Up…Celebrate that in your Home!

I love to create portraits that really are a living legacy to the things we hold dear.    I can imagine no greater compliment than to see my portraits decorating client’s homes, making them smile, decades after I’ve created them.

Berg Living Room-Blog

Mike and Tricia Berg have been clients for many years.  The portrait above was done at the Westlake Inn at a time when Tricia could hold Sophia in her arms.

Berg Dining Room-Blog

The Bergs moved to a wonderful new home in the hills above Thousand Oaks, and updated their portrait just right before Christmas 2013.  Don’t you just love Sophia and Francesca’s bright dresses?

Berg Family Room-Blog

Francesca and Sophia are growing up so fast!  We wanted to capture just the ladies in the family for this most recent update.

Don’t let this year slip by without capturing this beautiful season of your life.

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About a month ago, April and I hosted a small pizza party at our house. We met a lot of interesting people, particularly Desirae, who graciously posed for us in the front doorway of the studio.

We were drawn to have Desirae model for us because of the texture of her clothing, hair and accessories. This was so enjoyable for me because it lets me create portraits that are a little different from many of the more formal ones that I do. April made this little painting from my camera study. I love how people we don’t even know are up for the adventure of letting me find ways to tell something about them from my unique vantage point.


We’re Moving

I am so excited about the opening of our new studio in Calabasas on May 1st. After more than 25 years in Westlake Village, I have to admit that I’m feeling sentimental about the change, but at the same time we’re all really excited about it all.

I began my career doing formal portraits in the studio. I still love them. And yet it’s important that I continue to be inspired as an artist.

About a year ago, April started to paint my photographic portraits. I do the camera studies and April is completing them in mixed media on canvas, hand finishing them with oils and glazes. We’ve been astonished at the response to the new direction our work is going!

Of course, we will have a beautiful camera room at the new studio, and I will continue to make photographic portraits.

What an Amazing Afternoon…

We had a really inspiring afternoon in Malibu recently with Melanie Gouczwaard and her young daughter Emelia. I did the camera studies at both Paradise Cove and at Point Dume. The coreopsis was in full bloom, and it was absolutely stunning.

Here’s a short slide show of our experience:

We Love Seeing our Clients View their Portraits!

When Shawn and Jamie Villalovos came in last week to view their finished portraits for the first time, we loved seeing their big smiles. Both Shawn and Jamie said the portraits were awesome, and that they loved their amazing detail. They ordered several wall portraits and this painting of 3 year old Daisy will be displayed in their entry. You can’t imagine how we feel, knowing that the portraits we create will be among our client’s most valued possessions.

Chris and Anne Moore’s Family Portrait

I love family portraiture. In every family I’ve ever worked with,
I’ve found that each person is completely unique, yet they all belong
together. It’s fun for me to help everyone feel confident, relaxed
and happy. In this portrait of Chris and Ann Moore and their four
children, I posed them a little further apart. Although their twin
daughters are just 15 years old, each of them is already beginning to
find their own unique life path. We had such a great time creating
their portraits at their beautiful home in Laguna Niguel, and I know
that the family will enjoy them for many years to come.

My Newest Painting….

When I was at the home of Scott and Darla McCutcheon in San Clemente recently, I also did some camera studies of their 8 year old daughter Hanna.

Hanna was so at ease during the session that I knew a painting would be beautiful, even while I was capturing the initial images with her. I was so pleased with the final painting that we used it as a sample for the annual auction at St. Anne’s School in Laguna Niguel, where Hanna attends.

More and more clients have been commissioning us for paintings. What a privilege it is to create them. And we are having a special sale on Children’s paintings in January!

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