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A Different Beach Portrait

Reisser_Erica and Chad 011Blog family
Not all beach portraits have to actually be ON the beach.  Some can just have a beautiful view OVER the beach!

We recently did a portrait of Chad and Erica Reisser and their family on top of Point Dume looking south toward Malibu.  What a gorgeous day at the beach…the sand cliffs could inspire a plein air painting.

Erica did such a nice job of coordinating her family’s clothes with just the right blend of variety, color and character, and it paid off in such a big way.  I especially love their youngest son, Phoenix’s seersucker jacket.  Handsome little man, huh?

If it’s time for you to update your family’s portrait, whether it’s at the beach or elsewhere, we would love to help you celebrate your family’s legacy.

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The Pompillo Family’s Latest Portraits

I love when I get to create portraits for the same family many times over. We first met the Pompillo family when I was a wedding photographer 25 years ago! Last week, we had a fantastic afternoon at the beach with the entire family. It was so much fun and as the sun set that afternoon, I knew they would have beautiful portraits from another important time in their life: Their oldest grandson is about to head back east on a baseball scholarship at Villanova. He will be the first one to leave the area in all this time!

Marcus Shelby’s Senior Portraits

Adam has been busy photographing high school seniors for Studio101 (our senior portrait division) and just recently created some impressive images that I’ve asked him to share here on our blog:

Last week I had a great photo shoot with Marcus Shelby of Simi Valley. Marcus is really into football and also runs track for his school, so we created lots of cool images at his school’s track and field. By the way, he’s also a very good student and is going to college on a full-tuition academic scholarship! (He’ll be playing football, too!) Congratulations Marcus.

This picture is one of my favorites from our shoot!

We also spent some time creating nice portraits at Marcus’s home and some at Leo Carrillo beach in Malibu. Here’s a video where you can see more of the portraits:

By: Adam Charles George (Studio101)

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