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Private Photography Class
with Mark Brandes

Mark Brandes, the owner of Brandes Portraiture
in Westlake is offering a 7 week class
in Beginning Photography.

Although Mark has lectured for photographic
seminars internationally, he has never before
offered to do a class like this in his studio!

This class is intended for digital photographers who own a manually
adjustable digital camera (both shutter speed and aperture are able to be controlled).

Subject matter covered in the class will include proper digital exposure, manipulation of shutter and aperture for desired effects, as well as lighting and posing people in photographs. See dates and more information on back. Cost: High School Students, $95. Adults, $145.

Class is limited to 15 students, and will be held on Wednesdays from 7-9 pm at Mark’s Westlake Village studio.

For more information or to register, call: 805.367.8127 or email:
markbrandes [at] brandesportrait [dot] com

Week 1-September 26
Introduction to the camera. Operation of shutter and aperture.

Week 2- October 3
Review of 1st week’s assignments. Optics. Impact of depth of field

Week 3- October 10
Review of 2nd week’s assignments. God’s Light and Man-made light

Week 4- October 17
Review of 3rd week’s assignments. Photographing people

Week 5- October 24
Review of 4th week’s assignments. Photographing people

Halloween Week Off

Week 6- November 7
Review of 5th week’s assignments. Photographing in new, and fun ways (shutter drag, panning, nite shots)

Week 7- November 14
Review of 6th week’s assignments. Photographing events