Earlier this spring I did a portrait of the Dundas family on their property in the Santa Rosa Valley, and what a blast that was!

Bill Dundas has spoiled the family (and especially his grandson, Ryker) with a train set to beat all train sets!  Bill has grown up with trains all his life, and is in the process of creating his own 20 acre train park for his family and friends.

How many grandkids can boast of playing with a train set like this?

You may not have your own full size train, but your family certainly has a legacy that deserves commemoration in a portrait, and I would love to help you capture that.

I’d be honored by your phone call: 805-367-8100 or 949-515-5140.

We create portraits all along the coast of SoCal from Santa Barbara down to San Diego.

Let’s put your legacy on display!