There are two portraits of women in our painting studio right now. They seem so completely unlike one another, yet to me, I’m not so sure.

Whitney lives here in Southern California, and has been trained in classical ballet. She is refined and elegant, and she dreams of a future career as a ballerina. Whitney is already an artist in her own right, having danced for both dignitaries and little ballerinas in training. She brings a lot of joy to many people. Mark loved her confident gracefulness, and he captured it beautifully in this painting.

The other portrait  is of a simple woman who lives with her husband,  a potato farmer on the untamed slopes above Cuszo, Peru.   She has no electricity, and only recently installed running water inside her home. Yet like women around the globe, she too loves beauty. I can’t help but notice that she has painted the inside of her adobe hut robins egg blue. Mark met her family on his recent trip to Peru and wanted to make an image that says she too, lives a rich and beautiful life.

True beauty and wealth actually have so little to do with where we live and what we own. It has far more to do with gratitude to the Creator God who made each one of us in His image.

What an amazing talent Mark has, that he could so well depict the stories of two women living different, equally wonderful lives.

I’m a little bit jealous.