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The Brandes Experience

Creating portraits has been my passion for over two decades. That's almost hard to believe, because the uniqueness of each client has continually given me opportunities to create portraits from a different perspective.

Part of why I love portraiture is that no two people are alike. From the first time we meet, we try to get a sense of your individuality - what makes you happy, what is important to you. It is hugely important that we have that initial consultation with everyone who is to be a part of the decision making process. We plan everything from location to style and clothing, we'll also talk about where the portraits will be displayed in your home.

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About Mark

Mark Brandes

After graduating Brooks Institute, I was a commercial photographer in Westlake for 10 years. This was a huge influence on my ability to light, direct, orchestrate and complete very diverse assignments.

My portrait work has taken me in a whole new direction. Together with my wife April, we are creating painted portraits both outdoors and in the homes of our clients from Montecito to Newport Coast. I truly am living the dream.

But there is an even bigger story to my creative life. My career serves to remind me about my own Creator. God's beauty is seen in His amazing creation and in the life He modeled for us here on earth, especially the way He serves others.

It's helped me to see the life-changing results in seemingly small things, like making Christmas dinner for deaf Mexican children, collaborating on Sacredink.net and going to distant lands to bring the hope of God's love to hurting people.

The God story is bigger than all my work, and it's only through His grace and vision that I've been able to create the work I love to do.